Five times the conspiracy theories turned out to be true

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Shortly after the White House announced that Osama bin Laden had been killed in a raid conducted by the U.S. military inside of Pakistan, conspiracy theories trickled their way through online communities, forums and blogs. They eventually found their way into the mainstream and were debated on the pages of publications like Slate, the Washington Post and ABC News.

Was Osama really killed? If so, where are the pictures? And why the hasty burial at sea? The Obama administration’s refusal to release photographic evidence of bin Laden’s demise and the changing narrative of how the raid played out only fueled the conspiracy theorists, eventually dubbed “Deathers”.

But no matter how crazy they may seem, conspiracy theories will always be around. Why? Because once in a blue moon, they actually turn out to be true.

Below are five times in history where the “alternate storylines,” so to speak, turned out to be correct.


1. The Glomar Explorer and Project Azorian
2. The Reichstag Fire
3. The Cuban Project
4. Andrew Young and John Edwards
5. Watergate

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