Nazi war suspect's trial opens in Hungary

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One of the world's most wanted Nazi war suspects, Sandor Kepiro, 97, went on trial Thursday, in Hungary charged with the murder of 36 Jews and Serbs in Novi Sad, Serbia in 1942.

Kepiro, a former officer in the Hungarian gendarmerie, protested his innocence in the Budapest municipal court saying, "I am not guilty and I have always lived a decent life."

He denied having killed anyone during a raid on Novi Sad, instead claiming to have saved the lives of five people.

And he said he did not know Jews or Serbs were the targets of the raid, saying that as far as he knew it was against anti-Nazi "partisans."

Hungary sided with the Nazis early in World War II and in January 1942, its troops murdered about 3,000 Jews and Serbs in Novi Sad, according to the Holocaust Encyclopedia. Hungary had annexed the territory at the time.

Kepiro said he never participated in or saw any deportation of Jews. ...

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