Allan Lichtman: Might Run for the US Senate

Historians in the News

The field in Maryland's 2006 U.S. Senate race may soon grow wider, more curious and less predictable.

On the Democratic side, the number of candidates could easily double to six by next month. Three Montgomery County residents -- a historian, a psychiatrist and a wealthy businessman -- all say they are on the verge of making decisions about whether to join the fray.

The latest possible entrant is Allan J. Lichtman, an American University historian. Lichtman, who has made a career of commenting upon candidates, last week said he is thinking of becoming one.

"I see an opening here," said Lichtman, whose side gigs include political commentary for CNN and a weekly column for the Gazette newspapers.

Lichtman, who lives in Bethesda, would join a Democratic field that includes former congressman Kweisi Mfume (whose candidacy Lichtman argues has been wounded by allegations of favoritism while leading the NAACP) and Rep. Benjamin L. Cardin (whom Lichtman argues the Democratic establishment has been too quick to rally around). "I don't believe in inevitability candidates," Lichtman said. "I think that's a bad thing for the country."

Cardin and Mfume both hail from Baltimore, as does A. Robert Kaufman, a self-described socialist and community activist also in the race.

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