China prepares to host 'Red Olympics'

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China is making final preparations to stage a "Red Olympics" to mark the 90th anniversary since the founding of the ruling Communist Party and boost the nation's "revolutionary spirit" at a time or rising social tensions.  

Youth teams from all over China will compete in events such as 'Storming the blockhouse', 'rescuing the dying man', and the '40m grenade toss' designed to rekindle the memories of the heroic exploits of their Revolutionary forefathers in bringing the Communists to power in 1949.

The event, which will be staged outside the city of Qingyang in the central North province of Gansu next month, is a symbol of the growing revival of Mao-era nostalgia in China as the government seeks to provide social cohesion to a society riven by wealth inequalities and social pressures.

In 2010 the inaugural Red Games was held outside the city of Linyi in the eastern province of Shandong, with an opening ceremony at which Mao's portly grandson, Mao Xinyu, a major-general in the People's Liberation Army, was guest of honour.

This year, organisers said they expected some 50 teams – up from 38 last year – to attend the event which has been backed by the provincial-level government of Gansu, up from a county-level endorsement last year, in a sign of the event's growing stature....  

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