Bobby Kennedy assassin brainwashed by 'girl in polka dot dress'

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The man convicted of assassinating Robert F. Kennedy in 1968 was brainwashed into shooting him by a mysterious girl in a polka dot dress, his lawyers have claimed.

In a bizarre twist more than forty years after the high-profile killing, lawyers for Sirhan Sirhan, the Palestinian man convicted of the shooting, have submitted new evidence which they say shows their client was manipulated by the mystery girl and had no sense of what he was doing.

The papers, which have been filed in a federal court, suggest that Sirhan was used as a decoy and a second person actually shot and killed Kennedy.

The assassination of Bobby Kennedy at a hotel in Los Angeles on 5 June 1968 rocked the US political establishment, robbing the Democratic party of a promising presidential candidate and came just five years after his brother, President John F. Kennedy, was shot dead.

Now aged 67 and serving life in prison, Mr Sirhan is mounting a fresh attempt to portray himself as an innocent.....


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