Fuss 'n' flurry: Queen Victoria's 1900 visit to Ireland

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A file detailing the fuss and the flurry for Queen Victoria's visit to Ireland in 1900 could prove sober reading to those planning her great great granddaughter's trip in May.

An Irish Office of Public Works file which is to be sold at Whytes auctioneers in Dublin on Saturday details a "misplaced" royal yacht and chaotic last-minute preparations.

The papers, published for the first time, are being sold by an Irishman in the United States who inherited them from his father.

They include some 200 letters, memos and telegrams about everything from the yacht to the royal railway train, to the right frockcoat to wear for the occasion.

Telegrams between London and Dublin show that the royal yacht got "lost" temporarily just days leading prior to the April visit....

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