Superman comic stolen from Nicolas Cage is found

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A 1938 comic featuring Superman's debut that has been recovered in a storage locker in the US appears to be the copy stolen from Nicolas Cage, police say.

The 47-year-old actor, who accepted an insurance payout after the 2000 theft, said last week's find, in Los Angeles, was "divine providence".

He said he was hopeful the "heirloom", a mint condition copy of Action Comics No 1, would be returned to his family.

In March 2010, a copy of the comic sold for $1.5m (£920,000) at a US auction.

Detective Don Hrycyk, of the Los Angeles Police Department's art theft department, said an investigation into the theft and recovery - from a locker in the San Fernando Valley - was in its early stages.

He said a number of false leads had been generated over the years, including a 2002 tip-off that the comic was in a safety deposit box in Tennessee.....

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