Yuri Gagarin: 50th anniversary of first human space flight marked with Google doodle

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The Google doodle has the word "Google" written in an angular, Cyrillic-influenced font, with the two O's replaced by the head of an old-fashioned space suit and a planet with a rocket - like the Vostok 3KA that took Gagarin into space - which blasts off when the mouse moves over it.

Clicking on the image takes users through to a search for "Yuri Gagarin", the top result of which is Gagarin's Wikipedia page.

Gagarin's flight made him a lifelong national hero in Russia, beating the United States in the second leg of the space race, four years after Russia had stunned the world by putting the first satellite, Sputnik, into space.

Russia has celebrated the anniversary by painting Gagarin's face on the side of the Soyuz rocket which took the final three residents up to the International Space Station (ISS) on April 4. A 50-gun salute in Moscow and a party at the Kremlin were also held, and the three Russian, two American and one Italian astronauts at the ISS have held their own celebration in orbit....

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