Mother Teresa in Northern Ireland: new BBC documentary

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On the 40th anniversary of Mother Teresa's visit to Northern Ireland, a new BBC NI documentary remembers her time there and examines the reasons surrounding her mysterious and sudden departure.

The documentary Mother Teresa 123 Springhill Avenue tells the remarkable story of Mother Teresa coming to Northern Ireland in 1971 and setting up a small mission to help the people of Ballymurphy, in west Belfast, who were enduring a time of terrible poverty and violence.

So why has this story remained relatively unknown for 40 years, and why have the circumstances surrounding her untimely departure remained a mystery?

Most people cannot even contemplate that Mother Teresa lived in Belfast in the first place.

That many of the locals we interviewed believe she was forced to leave Ballymurphy by the local parish priest makes this story all the more incredible.

This was really what first attracted us to the story - the world renowned, Nobel Prize-winning Mother Teresa, walking the streets of Belfast then allegedly being asked to leave by the Church who would later go on to beatify her....

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