A Fixture of Hollywood's Past, Now Tarnished by Strife

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LOS ANGELES — This was once a place for the famous, or at least those who wanted to be. There were ballroom dances and Champagne toasts, a welcoming place for the star-struck ladies who lunch.

But those glory days were a long time ago.

Now, the glamour of the Woman’s Club of Hollywood has been replaced by squabbles and lawsuits. The membership has dwindled and some members say the club has been subject to a hostile takeover by a couple of women who, under the guise of reviving the club, actually are hoping to turn the valuable property into condominiums.

The club’s story touches on many of the keystones of this city — money, celebrity, history and, of course, real estate. On one side is a group of women who have been involved with the club for years who say that they are victims of a predatory scheme. On the other are two women who say that they alone are trying to revive the club and turn it into a nonprofit. The two sides have battled in court for months, but the State Superior Court may soon force the organization to hold an election to decide who should run the club....

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