Skeletons of African Slaves Yield Genetic Clues

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Warwickshire's earliest known African resident, believed to have been living in Stratford some 1,700 years ago, has sparked
the interest of boffins over the possible impact on British and European DNA.

Earlier this year Warwickshire County Council’s Archaeology Warwickshire team revealed the skeleton of the African man had been found in a Roman cemetery in Tiddington, which revealed people of African descent had been living in the county for far longer than previously thought.

As a result of the subsequent press coverage Dr Hannes Schroeder read the story and immediately contacted Malin Holst, the archaeologist who first identified the skeleton, hoping for further details.
Dr Schroeder is a Marie Curie Fellow at the University of Copenhagen in Denmark, and is currently working on a project trying to identify the origins of enslaved Africans using ancient DNA and isotopes and thinks it possible that DNA from the Stratford skeleton might help his research....

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