Britain's 'Mau Mau rebellion involvement' uncovered ahead of High Court case

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Thousands of documents detailing Britain’s involvement in the bloody Mau Mau rebellion in Kenya have been unearthed ahead of a High Court case this week.

The 300 boxes of documents were unearthed after four elderly Kenyans took steps earlier this year to sue the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO), claiming they were tortured between 1952 and 1960.

A judge ordered the Foreign Office to produce all relevant evidence.

The 1500 files held by the National Archives allegedly include details of the detention and punishment of suspected rebels in the country.

The files were removed from Kenya in 1963, and secretly brought to Britain days before a declaration of independence was declared in the African nation. It was thought the files had been destroyed but were found after a trawl through archives.

The four claimants, who arrived in Britain on Monday, are seeking “damages for personal injuries caused by repeated assaults perpetrated by employees and agents of the British Colonial Administration in Kenya when they were detained”....

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