Gettysburg National Military Park Moving Into Blogging To Commemorate Civil War

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Blogging about the Civil War will soon commence at Gettysburg National Military Park, where officials hope to use some of the latest media trends to educate people on the war between the states.

From the Fields of Gettysburg

This will be a weekly blog by park rangers and historians that will explore a wide variety of history topics and park news.

"From the Fields of Gettysburg will be a wonderful resource for people anywhere in the world who want to know more about what happened here, and why it’s so important even today," said Scott Hartwig, a supervisory historian at Gettysburg. "We can blog year-round, in any weather, and our visitors don’t even need to be in Gettysburg to participate."

Along with Mr. Hartwig, numerous park historians and rangers will be contributing regularly, including Angie Atkinson, Matt Atkinson, Bert Barnett, Troy Harman, John Heiser, Tom Holbrook, Evangelina Rubalcava, and Karlton Smith. Katie Lawhon will write about park news and management issues....

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