MI5 files: Nazis plotted to kill Allied troops with coffee

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The Nazis planned to kill Allied troops with poisoned coffee, chocolate and cigarettes, as part of a terrorist campaign in liberated Europe, newly disclosed MI5 documents show.

Female agents were also to be sent to kill senior Allied commanders using microbes hidden in handbag mirrors, according to interrogation reports.

One assassination device, captured by advancing Allied troops, involved a gun hidden inside a belt bulk with a Swastika emblem on it.

Documents from the interrogations of captured German agents disclose the Nazi security service, the RSHA, had a unit that was planning subversion operations in Allied countries using targeted assassinations and poisons.

The information came from a four-strong unit of German agents, including one woman, who were parachuted into Ayon, near St Quentin in France in March 1945, two months before the end of the war.

They had been flown from Stuttgart in a captured B17 Flying Fortress, which dropped them behind enemy lines before getting shot down....

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