Adolf Eichmann regretted not killing all Europe's Jews

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Adolf Eichmann, the bureaucratic mastermind of the Holocaust, regretted that he failed to exterminate all of Europe's Jews, saying "there was more we could have done", recordings have revealed.

Eichmann showed only disappointment that some survived, according to newly declassified files. Looking back on his role in organising the systematic slaughter of Jews, gipsies and other groups, he says: "We didn't do our work correctly."

Recordings of Eichmann were made in the 1950s while he was hiding in Argentina. They have come to light after the German news magazine Der Spiegel found them in 4,500 files on his case recently opened by Germany's intelligence services.

The tapes, made by a Dutch journalist who volunteered for the Waffen-SS during the war, revealed the notorious Nazi, then under the alias of Ricardo Klement, in a relaxed and candid mood as he enjoyed a few drinks in a Buenos Aires house.

During the war Eichmann had served as "transportation administrator" for the Final Solution, organising the mammoth task of sending Jews to various death camps....

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