Kennedy TV series to finally air in US amid scathing reviews

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An eight-hour series envisaged as an epic portrayal of President John F Kennedy, his wife Jackie and their life in Camelot will be shown on an obscure cable channel this weekend amid scathing reviews.

With Greg Kinnear as Mr Kennedy, Katie Holmes as his First Lady and a budget of $30 million, expectations had been high. Now, it is widely considered a disaster on the eve of its airing on the ReelzChannel beginning on Sunday.

The History Channel decided to drop the series from its schedule in January, stating that it was "not a fit" for the network. There then followed a humiliating and very public quest to find another channel that would air it.

Although no Kennedy ever made a public statement, there were strong suggestions that the family had tried to quash the project, viewing it as an attack on the troubled American dynasty.

Joel Surnow, executive producer of "The Kennedys" said recently that politics had been a factor and that if Hollywood liberals had been responsible for the same product the History Channel would have had no objection.....

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