Arkansas' Cavanaugh Mound mapping process begins

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The process began Monday (Mar. 28) to learn what may be buried on top of the Cavanaugh Mound and possibly to learn how the mound was built.

The mound, located behind the New Liberty Baptist Church in south Fort Smith, is believed to have been constructed by Native Americans (possibly Caddo Indian ancestors) between AD 1100 and 1300.

The mound, originally about 200 feet long at the base of each of the four sides and about 40 feet tall, is a project The Archaeological Conservancy has said it will research and restore. If funding is available, the Conservancy also hopes to build a small park around the mound with signage and other exhibits that explain the historic site.

Tim Mulvihill, an archeologist with the University of Arkansas system, Jami Joe Lockhart, coordinator of the Computer Services Program for the Arkansas Archeological Survey of the University of Arkansas System, and Bob Dalton, a founding member of the Ark-Homa chapter of the Arkansas Archeological Society and Oklahoma Anthropological Society, gathered Monday morning to begin the underground mapping process....

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