Old brewery tunnels lurk beneath Iowa City

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Some 30 feet below the surface of Linn and Market Streets, beneath the Brewery Square Building, is a place in Iowa City’s history dating back more than 150 years.

And, if you ask local archeologist Marlin Ingalls nicely, he just might take you there.

He’ll meet you in the lobby of Brewery Square and take you on an elevator to the basement. Stepping off the elevator, you’ll walk into La’ James Beauty School’s massage parlor. Turn right at the desk, walk down a hallway lined with curtains and massage tables. Behind the last curtain to the left is a drab, metal-plated door.

On the other side of the door is a dusty, dimly lit, cramped sub-basement. Getting around is a little tough, but the real adventure begins when you reach the 20-foot elevator chamber. If you can handle the descent down a wobbly, rickety old ladder, you’ve made it....

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