Pakistan court to reassess Zulfikar Ali Bhutto hanging

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The Pakistani cabinet has supported moves to re-examine the death sentence meted out to former Prime Minster Zulfikar Ali Bhutto in 1979.

Mr Bhutto led the country's first democratically elected government, but was ousted from power in a military coup in 1977.

He was hanged two years later in what is widely seen to have been a controversial death sentence.

It was thought to have been at the behest of military ruler Zia-ul Haq.

On Sunday, Mr Awan revealed to the media that the PPP had decided to approach the court for a review of the 1979 verdict that led to Mr Bhutto's hanging.

He said that the case would be filed before the Supreme Court within two days of a formal approval by the cabinet.

It comes as the anniversary of Mr Bhutto's death looms on 4 April.....

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