15 Byzantine Tombs discovered in Central Syria

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An archaeological burial from the Byzantine era was uncovered in al-Ruba village in Zighreen town, 30 km northeastern Hama, including a number of tombs inside which pottery, metal and glass findings and golden pieces were unearthed.

Abdul-Qader Farzat, Head of Hama Archaeology Department, told SANA that the burial comprises a 110 cm long and 60 cm wide entrance leading to a square surrounded by five chambers including three tombs each. The tombs are 175 cm long and 40 cm deep, separated by a 25 cm space.

The number of tombs found in the burial was 15. Some of the graves contained more than one burial covered with brick panels, while others however were covered with untrimmed natural basalt stone.

Farzat noted that the findings in the cemetery included 10 incomplete pottery jars, 5 metal and glass bracelets, 2 metal rings in a bad condition, 2 copper coins, 6 stone beads, 2 glass perfume bottles and 4 golden chips believed to be used to cover the eyes of the deceased during the burial....

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