The 'lost' footage of Bob Marley's early career

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A film charting the rise of Bob Marley and The Wailers to international stardom - made from footage shot in the early 1970s and lost for 30 years - is set to get its first public viewing.

It was New York, late 1972, and Esther Anderson was attending an event hosted by Island Records, when Bob Marley walked in.

"He didn't smile but he was very handsome with strong features, he reminded me of Jimi Hendrix," she remembers.

Bob Marley was a guest of record producer Chris Blackwell, who had recently signed his group The Wailers to Island Records. The band was on a promotional tour for The Wailers' first album, Catch a Fire, although at that point sales were low.

Ms Anderson had just finished co-starring in A Warm December with Sidney Poitier. Due to the success of that movie, Bob Marley told her he knew about her and had been following her progress in the newspaper The Gleaner back in Jamaica....

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