Britain's most traditional church 'at war' over hymns

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One of Britain’s most traditionalist churches is threatening to tear itself apart over the introduction of hymns during services for the first time in a century.

Unhappy worshippers at the Free Church of Scotland have started a campaign to overturn the decision, arguing that it amounts to “new gimmicks to fill church pews”.

The staunchly Presbyterian church, nicknamed the Wee Frees, has traditionally sung unaccompanied psalms as many members believe they are singing scripture rather than a composition by a human.

But the 100-year-old ban on hymns and musical instruments during their services was narrowly overturned last November in the hope of attracting new worshippers.

Six of the church’s former moderators have now placed a large advertisement in a newspaper that covers its Highlands and Western Isles stronghold titled: “The protection and preservation of historic Scottish Presbyterianism”....

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