Soviet Union fought WWII better than what Americans had thought, says Russian historian

Historians in the News

What we learned in history class about the Soviet side of World War II is not all accurate, K-State history professor David Stone said at this week's Lions Club meeting.

Stone's most recent book "The Soviet Union at War: 1941 to 1945" focuses on the eastern European front of the war.

"I'm really glad to do this book for a number of reasons," Stone said. "One of them was that audiences in this country very often don't really have a sense of what happened in that part of the war."

That's understandable considering as Americans, we think of Pearl Harbor, Iwo Jima, Normandy and other battles that Americans fought in.

"That's the part of the war we know, but there's a big part of the war we don't know," Stone said. "And in doing this book, I'm hoping it will become part of getting people to be a little more aware of the other part of the history of World War II."...

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