Why downstairs HATED upstairs: The acerbic memoirs of a Twenties maid reveal what domestic staff REALLY thought of their masters

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In the Twenties, Margaret Powell worked as a kitchen maid, the lowest level of the servants’ hierarchy.

With unusually sharp observation, Margaret — who died in 1984 — recalled in a fascinating memoir what it was like to be treated as less than human by her wealthy employers in London and at Hove in East Sussex.

As her book, republished next week, reveals, the animosity was very much mutual...

One morning, as I was polishing the brass knocker on the front door, the newsboy arrived with the papers. Just then, my employer floated downstairs — so I dutifully handed them over.

In response, Mrs Clydesdale just gave me a long stare, looking at me as if I were something subhuman.

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