Burning of remembrance poppies by Muslim group draws charges in UK

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The grandson of a Second World War soldier felt "sick inside" as Muslim demonstrators burnt replica poppies on the anniversary of Armistice Day, a court heard yesterday.

Tony Kibble said tears of anger and rage welled in his eyes as members of Muslims Against Crusades (MAC) chanted "British soldiers burn in hell" while he attempted to mark a two-minute silence.

At Belmarsh magistrates' court, sitting at Woolwich Crown Court, two members of the Islamic group stood trial over alleged public order offences.

Mohammad Haque, 30, and Emdadur Choudhury, 26, are accused of jointly burning three large plastic poppies in a way that was likely to cause "harassment, harm or distress" to those who saw them.

Mr Haque and Mr Choudhury, who live in east London, both plead not guilty to one count each under section five of the Public Order Act.

The alleged offence took place on Nov 11 as rival demonstrations were staged in Kensington, west London....

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