Resolution could honor little-known Revolutionary War history

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The average American might not know that a teenaged James Monroe participated in the Battle of Trenton in the Revolutionary War – more than 40 years before he became president.

Probably even fewer know that a biracial man from Prince William County named John Sidebottom helped carry the injured Monroe from the battlefield, likely saving his life.

Bravery like this from the black populace in the Revolutionary War has largely gone unnoticed until recent years. Former Manassas area resident Maurice Barboza hopes that some of these folks that called Prince William their home are recognized for their efforts in the nation’s struggle for independence from England.

Barboza has recently contacted county chairman Corey A. Stewart in hopes the Prince William Board of County Supervisors will pass a resolution recognizing the efforts of Prince William County African Americans during this time period. Barboza has identified several individuals from Prince William who would fit that bill, including Moses Grimes, Jesse Kelley and Aaron Brister.

Stewart said he plans on bringing the proposed resolution crafted by Barboza to the board sometime in March....

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