Collector buys rare WWII dagger

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Last week, a rare, mint condition dagger was sold to the visiting American Rare Collectibles Association.

All over the world, collectors support the association and decide what to buy. Their representatives make the purchase.

The representatives didn't have the first name of the man who brought in the dagger. However, they were able to explain how it came to be in his father's - and then his - possession.

During World War II, Robert Vieregge was a soldier for the U.S. Army. He helped to seize German supplies waiting to be distributed. Among these supplies were brand-new daggers.

Naturally, soldiers took souvenirs home with them after the war. Many of these daggers surface frequently in collectors' shows but usually in poor condition. However, rarely does a dagger show up in its original packaging.

Thrilled to have it in his possession is senior buyer George McCurley.

"It's a very special piece," he said, showing it off next to other items that made the trip with the dagger....

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