Victims of Venezuela's Caracazo clashes reburied

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Exactly 22 years after violent clashes between police and protesters killed hundreds of people in the Venezuelan capital, Caracas, some of the victims have been reburied in a special monument in the city's biggest cemetery.

The bloody clashes in February 1989 became known as the Caracazo - literally the big one in Caracas - as security forces loyal to the then president Carlos Andres Perez cracked down on protesters demonstrating over price rises.

Official figures put the number killed at around 300, but some reports suggested as many as 3,000 people lost their lives.

Many were buried anonymously in mass graves, making it impossible to be certain of the number.

The 71 laid to rest on Sunday had originally been buried in a communal grave in a section of the capital's general cemetery known as "the Plague".

Their remains were exhumed in 2009 and taken to a military base where they were checked to verify that they dated from the Caracazo.

President Hugo Chavez, who has called the incident a "massacre", timed the reburial to coincide with the anniversary of the protests....

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