Otzi the Iceman: Forensic artists put face to victim of 5,300 year old murder

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Five thousand years after the bundle of frozen bones that became known as Otzi the Iceman met his end at the hands of Alpine robbers, two Dutch forensic artists have reconstructed his face.

Otzi is believed to have been killed in 3289 BC, while trekking up the Schnalstal glacier in the Italian Alps.

Wearing a coat and leggings made from sheepskin, and cattle-hide moccasins, Otzi was eating a last meal of unleavened bread and meat when he was ambushed.

Hit on the head with a heavy cudgel and wounded in the side by an arrow, he collapsed into the snow.

Mummified by the cold and dry air, Otzi lay undiscovered until 1991, when Erika and Helmut Simon stumbled across the corpse near the Italian city of Bolzano.

Now, 5,300 years later, Dutch forensic experts Alfons and Adrie Kennis have painstakingly created the first image of Otzi, relying on 3D images of the mummy's skull and infrared and tomographic images....

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