Canadian tourist arrested in Germany after giving Heil Hitler! salute in holiday photo outside Reichstag

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A Canadian tourist who thought it was amusing to give a Heil Hitler! salute outside the Reichstag in Berlin has ended up behind bars.

The 30-year-old man, from Quebec, was standing on the steps of the German parliament building with his right arm raised as his girlfriend photographed him in the forbidden pose.

Police arrived within seconds, clapped him in handcuffs and took the chip card from his 29-year-old girlfriend's digital camera.

He risked being formally charged with making a forbidden gesture - and potentially could face up to six months in jail.

But it is understood he will be let off with a fine and a warning. He was freed after several hours in police custody on Saturday and his bail was met.

Hundreds of tourists every year make the mistake of thinking that Monty Python-esque jokes about Hitler and his henchmen - including giving his famous raised-arm salute - are acceptable when visiting Germany....

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