"Mythbusters" Take on Operation Valkyrie

After too many movie myths and promotional episodes over the last few months, the MythBusters finally managed to pull themselves together and go out with a bang in their last episode of the year, both figuratively and literally. Adam and Jamie address an interesting historical “what if” — what if the location for Hitler’s briefing on July 20, 1944 hadn’t been changed from the underground bunker to an above-ground, windowed conference room?

Would we still be remembering the martyrs behind the “Valkyrie” assassination plot or celebrating an earlier end to World War II? On a lighter note, Kari, Grant, and Tory dabble in a bit of slapstick comedy as they test a popular saying — can you really “slap some sense” into someone when they’re hysterical or otherwise temporarily impaired? Keep reading to find out!...

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