Pope John Paul's coffin to be exhumed for faithful

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VATICAN CITY (Reuters) – Faithful attending the beatification of Pope John Paul in Rome will be able to pray before his coffin, which will be exhumed for the event, the Vatican said on Friday.

The Vatican also warned the faithful around the world not to fall prey to fraudsters, particularly on the Internet, who are selling tickets to the beatification ceremony on May 1.

"For the beatification Mass of Pope John Paul II, as made clear from the outset, no tickets are required," the Vatican said.

It said people should also steer clear of tour operators promising to procure tickets as part of their packages.

Italian authorities and Church officials say perhaps more than a million people may attend the mass at which John Paul, who died in 2005, will be declared a blessed of the Church and move one step closer to sainthood....

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margaret partridge - 2/24/2011

It is sad to see sincere people pray to John Paul, because if they knew what the truth was, what the Bible says about it, maybe they would see the wisdom in stopping this futile practice. The Bible says that when a person dies, it is as though he or she is unconscious, and cannot do anything at all. Jesus likened death to sleep,(John 11:11-14, and Ecclestiastes 9:5 & 10) The Bible shows that we are to approach God in Jesus’ name.(John 14: 6, 14 and 1Timothy 2:5.) Praying to a dead person is not a Bible teaching at all, but has another source which opposes the truth. That same source wants to make it look like a prayer is answered, to make people think that John Paul is still functioning. If God views John Paul’s life as having been lived according to Bible principles, He will see to it that he be resurrected to life in paradise on earth.(Proverbs 2:20-22, John, 5:28-29, Revelation 21:3-4, 2Peter 3:13)John Paul is asleep, and does not know that sincere people are gathered to pray over his corpse, John Paul doesn’t know, but God and Jesus do