Green Bay Fallen WWII Airman Identified And to be Buried at Arlington

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A fallen World War II airman from Green Bay is getting a major honor from the military this winter. Some of his remains and those of his crew-mates who crashed on Papua New Guinea in 1943 will be buried at Arlington National Cemetery.

A sister of one of those airmen, Joyce Clark, says she still fights back tears when she talks about her late brother. She was only 15 when Army Air Corps 2nd Lt. Robert Streckenbach Jr.'s plane went missing. But it wasn't until 2009, when she was 81, that she finally laid him to rest, Fox11News reports.

Streckenbach and 10 other airmen went missing in 1943 after taking off from an airfield in New Guinea. Streckenbach was declared dead in 1944. And their plane was discovered 41 years later. A little bone was the only remains of Streckenbach proven through DNA testing in 2009.

He was buried at Fort Howard Cemetery in Green Bay next to his parents. But the military says there are more remains of Streckenbach, and told Clark, those remains will be buried in Arlington National Cemetery....

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