How Obama’s Legacy Will Generate Big Bucks…

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( Though several years off, President Obama’s next gig is already shaping up to be a sweet deal.

He may be deep in the groove of his Presidency. But we do know he has given thought to what happens next. Before he even sat at the Resolute Desk, he inked a deal to deliver a post-presidency book, raking in hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Millions will follow, no doubt, because after you’ve pulled the nation back from the brink of economic disaster, and perhaps even a second Great Depression, what you do for an encore will be worth paying for.

He’ll rack up on the speakers’ circuit. He’s one of the world’s most gifted orators, so money won’t be an issue.

Neither will his age. When he leaves the White House — in either 2013, or 2017, at the age of 52 or 56, depending on the outcome of the next election — he will still have a dangerous jump-shot and a bop in his walk, and his children will still be youngsters.

“He’ll be a relatively young ex-President, so he’ll have a long career,” said Alan Brinkley, a historian at Columbia University. “I think we’ve had somewhat younger Presidents fairly recently, and also people are living longer now, so ex-Presidents seem to be around for a longer time. Some of them are very active, like Clinton and Carter, and others seem to just disappear. I doubt that Obama will disappear.”...

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James Joyce - 2/16/2011

Obama is hellbent on relieving Jimmy Carter of the title "Worst President in History" and has pretty much taken the crown after only two years in office.

The only thing that Jimmy Carter did worse than being the president, was being an ex-president, annoying, problematic, to Presidents of the U.S, and American allies.

I agree with the writer Obama will always seek the self-aggrandizing moments in front of the teleprompter, pruning and preening for his audience, a perpetual legend in his own mind, with the street dip no doubt fully intact, let's hope it is regulated to MTV and MSNBC.

He will also dethrone Carter as the most damaging, annoying ex-president, no doubt.