Questions for Donald H. Rumsfeld: Unrepentance Day

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You’ve been out of public sight for four years, writing your autobiography, “Known and Unknown: A Memoir.” Do you miss the action?
I just really loved serving in government, and I’ve also loved being out of government in business and doing other things, so I looked at it and what’s going on in current events and wish those folks well, but I have a distance from it.

What do you think of President Obama’s strategy in Afghanistan?
I’ve got a lot of respect for General Petraeus. I’m not going to characterize from this distance.

And Pakistan?
I was disappointed that our administration took off after [former president Pervez] Musharraf and suggested he resign from the military. It’s not clear to me that we ought to be the ones to judge what a leader in Pakistan ought to wear to the office, and it seems to me that if you’re going to fuss at what you have, you better have something better in mind, and we haven’t had something better.

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