Obama Recognizes Men Who Died in the Collapse of a Radar Tower in 1961

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WASHINGTON — President Obama on Wednesday recognized 28 men who died when their cold war radar station collapsed into the Atlantic Ocean 50 years ago.

A storm snapped the legs of the platform holding the radar station, known as Texas Tower No. 4, which had already been pummeled by bad weather including a hurricane. Fourteen airmen and 14 civilian contractors died when the tower crashed into frigid waters 85 miles southeast of New York City; only two of the bodies were found.

Mr. Obama recognized the men in a letter to an organization of their surviving friends and relatives.

“Our nation is grateful for the dedication, pride, and commitment of all those who have risked their lives to ensure the safety of their fellow Americans,” Mr. Obama said.

Next week the families of the victims will receive copies of the president’s letter and a personal note from Senator John Kerry of Massachusetts, who had lobbied the White House for more than a decade to recognize the men....

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