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By chance, I met independent historian Ed Diaz as he finalized details for the 2011 Black History Conference in Seattle on Feb. 5. He has been working on the event for the better part of year, issuing a Call for Papers and coordinating all logistics involving 40-plus presenters from his Ballard apartment. After attending all 10 hours of presentations I can sum up the experience with words repeated over and over by the participants, “How could I not know about this before?”

That applies to the conference, the content, the organization, and the extremely humble Ed Diaz.

Black history in the Pacific Northwest has rarely been as visible as in other parts of the country, but the Association for African American Historical Research and Preservation’s conference held at the Northwest African American Museum proved over and over that black history is American history. Saturday’s conference theme was, "Black History at Home and Abroad: Uncovering the Past." There was plenty to uncover....

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John a Wilson - 2/12/2011

I don't have a problem with the premise of a shared American history across all lines. I do, however, contend that Black political leadership prefers separation of the races and the definition of a Black History month is the leading example of their desire to be apart from America.