Historian Tristram Hunt on switching to life as an MP

Historians in the News

TV historian Tristram Hunt, known for his series on the English Civil War and his national newspaper columns, was one of the most high-profile of the new MPs elected in 2010. Nine months later how is he finding the job?

Tristram Hunt is inordinately proud of his cup and saucer.

The Labour MP displays the delicate china pieces in the corner of his Westminster office - behaviour more reminiscent of a maiden aunt or a local museum curator than a hardened politician.

He explains that the blue-and-white patterned crockery comes from "his" city - Stoke-on-Trent.

Part of England's historic potteries, the area has been hit hard by the decline of the UK ceramics industry. Once it employed 50,000 people in the area - now the figure is nearer 6,000.

With the air of a Cambridge-educated TV historian - which he is - Mr Hunt discusses the mindset he has found since being elected to represent Stoke-on-Trent Central in Parliament last May....

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