Uncivil War: Alabama still disagree on whether period should be celebrated, regretted

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The Civil War may have started 150 years ago, but the battles over it continue.

In Montgomery, the "birthplace of the Confederacy," residents still cannot even agree on what caused the fight, let alone whether it is an event worthy of honor or shame.

It was Feb. 9, 1861, when the Con­federate States of America was formed in Montgomery with Jeffer­son Davis as president.

William T. Myrick of Wetumpka, said the 150th anniversary of the Civil War is "our history no matter what different persons may feel about it.

"Every Southerner should take pride in our ancestors for having the backbone to stand up against an overbearing federal government," said Myrick, commander, South­west Central Brigade, Sons of the Confederate Veterans, Alabama Di­vision.

But Greta McGowan of Prattville doesn't see why it should be cele­brated at all.

"It is history and it should be studied so that we can learn from the past," she said....

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