Flower deliveries to British consulate in honor of war dead from 1759 battle cloaked in mystery

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The British Consulate in Chicago has a mystery worthy of Sherlock Holmes: Who sends six red roses every Aug. 1 in memory of English troops who died at the Battle of Minden in Germany in 1759?

Since 1967, the roses have been delivered every Minden Day at the consulate on Michigan Avenue. With the flowers comes an envelope addressed: "The Suffolk Regiment, Lancashire Fusiliers, Royal Welch Fusiliers, Kings Own Scottish Borderers, Royal Hampshire Regiment, Yorkshire Light Infantry."

A note inside reads: "They advanced through rose gardens to the battleground and decorated their tricorner hats and grenadier caps with the emblem of England. These regiments celebrate Minden Day still, and all wear roses in their caps on this anniversary in memory of their ancestors."

Hmmm. Six red roses. Six regiments. Ancestors. How were the flowers delivered?

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