Stalker who stole Queen Victoria's knickers was deported to Australia, academic reveals

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The intriguing story of the world’s first known celebrity stalker, who once stole Queen Victoria’s knickers, has been revealed for the first time.

Edward Jones, 14, broke into Buckingham Palace at least three times between 1838 and 1841 and managed to get within yards of the young monarch, sitting on the throne, reading books in the library and even entering her private apartments.

He claimed to have slept in a servant's bed, eaten in the kitchen, explored the drawing room and spent several hours hiding under the Queen’s sofa.

He read a letter taken from her private rooms and was caught with the stolen underwear spilling from his trousers.

Jones's antics saw him subjected to an unprecedented secret trial because officials were so concerned about embarrassing the Royal Family. He was eventually deported to Australia....

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