Making Noise for the Silent Era: A 75th Anniversary of Chaplin's Little Tramp

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On a dusty patch of road just north of Los Angeles, one man's dream of honoring an era of cinema is about to become a reality.

Charlie Chaplin's bumbling, lovable "Little Tramp" character is arguably the most famous icon of the silent film era. Today, the Tramp remains popular all over the world. Chaplin first brought the character to life in 1914, helping launch the silent era. Interestingly, when Chaplin retired the character in 1936, the silent film era ended.
But where exactly did it happen?

"I remember I saw it in a book, right around the time I had moved out here. I couldn't believe it was so close to where I lived. When we drove out and found it, right at that moment, I knew that we'd want to honor it some day. And now that it's the 75th anniversary, well, what better time?"

Author, historian and Charlie Chaplin buff E.J. Stephens explained to AOL News recently what inspired him to organize what undoubtedly will be one of the most memorable Chaplin celebrations in history....

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