CBS to broadcast a miniseries about the life of Pope John Paul II

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Ian Holm is going from "The Lord" to the lord.

Holm, who played Bilbo Baggins in the big-screen "The Lord of the Rings" trilogy, will portray Pope John Paul II in CBS' forthcoming four-hour miniseries about the late pontiff.

"Pope John Paul II" (tentative title) will follow Karol Wojtyla from his high school days in Poland through his death in April. The '81 assassination attempt will be included.

Holm will play Wojtyla beginning with his election to the papacy in 1978. No casting yet for the younger pope-to-be.

The miniseries, to be shot in Italy and Poland, is targeted to air in November. Historians at the Vatican were consulted on the script, and the producers have been granted access to St. Peter's Square.

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