No proof Lenin ordered last Tsar's murder

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A long-running probe into the murders of the last Russian Tsar and his family has closed after failing to find evidence that Lenin ordered the killings, the chief investigator has said

Historians and archivists have found no evidence that the Bolshevik leader or regional chief Yakov Sverdlov gave permission for the family to be shot in 1918, Vladimir Solovyov, Russia's chief investigator, told the Izvestia newspaper.

Russia has now closed a criminal probe aimed at naming those guilty for the murders, Mr Solovyov said.

Nevertheless, Mr Solovyov said that he believed Lenin and Sverdlov were to blame, since they later endorsed the shooting and did not punish the killers.

In a complex case, the Tsar's descendants want to prove that the family were victims of political repression, for which investigators have to find evidence that the killings were carried out on state orders.

In October, 2008, Russia's Supreme Court recognised Tsar Nicholas II and his family as victims of political repression....

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