If you forget your British history, Professor, you will fall behind

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Henry V NPG wiki bigger The BBC World News was getting pretty excited tonight about the discovery by British Professor Paul Davis -- the man who invented the pregnancy test -- that bandages inspired by the chemistry of honey could make wounds heal more quickly.

Well done, Professor. But maybe you would have got there sooner if you'd been reading more history and less science.

In particular, the history of Henry V and how he became the man to lead the English and the Welsh to an impossible victory over the French at Agincourt.

Honey helped save the life of the 16-year old Prince Hal after he was shot through the face by an arrow in the 1403 battle of Shrewsbury.

Here it is, from Juliet Barker's terrific 2005 book, Agincourt: 'An arrow struck the sixteen-year-old prince full in the face but he refused to withdraw [from the battle], fearing the effect it would have on his men...'...

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