Siege of Derry dead found in Ireland

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HUMAN remains dating to the time of the Siege of Derry, as well as remnants of pipes and crockery typical of the period, have been discovered beneath First Derry Presbyterian Church.

It is also believed that the car park between the church and the rear of the Apprentice Boys Memorial Hall could be the site of a mass grave or graveyard, possibly containing human remains from those who perished inside Derry's Walls during the 105-day stand off between the Williamite supporters and the opposing Jacobites.

First Derry Minister, Rev Dr David Latimer, has stressed there are no plans to built on top of the car park, thus ensuring that the Siege dead will continue to rest in peace. Indeed, the Minister is keen that the graves are officially recognised

"We originally bought this land because we saw the need for additional car parking space, and I'm glad that we now know that in the past it was a graveyard, and I can tell you that no building is going to take place on it. In fact, I think it would be important to remember the dead buried here....

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