Churchill's Asian spy princess comes out of the shadows

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"Liberte!" - That was the last word spoken by the heroine of Churchill's elite spy network before being executed by her Nazi captors.

On 13 September 1944, the glamorous British agent, code named "Madeline," was shot dead at Dachau concentration camp.

Despite being tortured by the Gestapo during 10 months of imprisonment, she had revealed nothing of use to her interrogators.

Noor's bravery has long been recognised in France, where there are two memorials and a ceremony held each year to mark her death.

However, in Britain, although Noor was posthumously awarded the George Cross in 1949, her courage has since been allowed to fade in history.

That is about to change with the launch of a campaign to raise £100,000 to install a bronze bust of her in London, close to her former home.

It would be the first memorial in Britain to either a Muslim or an Asian woman....

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