Wreck of USS Revenge found by divers near Rhode Island

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A team of divers have said they have discovered the remains of the USS Revenge, a ship commanded by the US Navy's famed Oliver Hazard Perry that wrecked near Rhode Island in 1811.

Mr Perry is known for having later defeated the British in a battle near Ohio during a conflict in 1813.

The ship helped shape the war because Mr Perry would not have gone to Ohio if it had not wrecked, the divers said.

Sunday marks the 200th anniversary of the Revenge running aground on a reef.

The divers have called for the Navy to recover the ship's remains, which is made up of objects like cannons and an anchor.

The vessel sank near the coastal village of Watch Hill in Rhode Island prior to the start of the War of 1812, the name given to an early military conflict fought between the US and British Empire that lasted from 1812-1815....

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