Joseph Goebbels: the 'Casanova of the Nazis'

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A new biography of Joseph Goebbels, the limping Nazi propaganda chief, shows him to be a serial seducer who kept detailed notes of his affairs.

On the streets of Nazi Germany his club foot and feeble, polio-weakened frame earned him the scathing nickname, the "poison dwarf".

But now a new academic biography has shown how Joseph Goebbels, despite his physical shortcomings, was an unlikely Casanova - recording his sexual conquests on 30,000 sheets of paper that made up his diaries.

By the time Goebbels had emerged as one of the most influential figures of the Third Reich, his sexual appetite and fondness for exploiting the opportunities presented by the propaganda ministry's film-making division earned him another nickname among the actresses who frequented its casting couch: the ram.

In his 912-page study, Joseph Goebbels: Biography, Peter Longerich, a German academic and history professor at the University of London, has delved into rarely-accessed material from his subject's diaries, which span 30 years, to paint a remarkable portrait of the man who became one of Hitler's most trusted lieutenants....

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