Pardon or not, it's business as usual at Billy the Kid Museum

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Some say he was a cold-blooded killer and a callous thief. Others dismiss his penchant for gun battling and horse stealing as merely "the way it was" in the Wild West. Some celebrate his legendary disdain for authority.

One thing that is hard to disagree on is that William H. Bonney, better known as Billy the Kid, is an enduring figure in American lore.

Whether America's most infamous Wild Westerner gets his posthumous walking papers or not, Tim Sweet will show up to work as usual on Monday morning just like he and his parents have done since Sweet's grandfather opened the museum in east-central New Mexico in 1952.

He'll welcome some of the museum's more than 20,000 annual visitors, where he'll proudly show off wagons, artwork and pistols from the era, including the rifle he says Billy is holding in the only known photograph taken of him....

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